Easy Angel Crafts: Drinking Straw Angel

This Drinking Straw Angel ornament is simple and inexpensive using plastic straws, ribbon, yarn, chenille wire, jewelry wire and a wooden bead.
Straw Angel blue on display
Let's look at the materials and the steps for how to make the straw angel:

Easy Angel Crafts: Straw Angel Materials and Tools:

Drinking straws - eight 8-inch plastic flexible 
Wired ribbon - 16 inches of 2 1/2 to 3-inch wide   
Soft ribbon - 20 inches of 5/8 to 1-inch wide  
Chenille wire - 12 inches long 
Jewelry wire 20 gauge (can substitute chenille wire) 
Wooden bead 25 mm 
Needle nose pliers 
Straw Angel materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Angel Crafts: Straw Angel:

Pull seven straws to extend the flexible area.

Flatten each straw across the flexible area.

Begin stapling the straws together. I stapled the first three then added one at a time on either side.
Straw Angel step 1 join 7 straws at flexible area
Use the needle nose pliers to flatten the ends of the staples.
Straw Angel step 2 flatten staples
Trim off the top of the straws at 1/2-inch above the flexible area.

Next, trim the sides of the straws above the flexible area.
Straw Angel step 3 trim tops of straws
Add glue to the trimmed edges of the straws and insert the ends into the wooden bead.
Straw Angel step 4 glue bead to top
Cut the 12-inch chenille wire into two pieces, one 7 1/2 inches and one 4 1/2 inches.
Straw Angel step 5 cut chenille wire
Wrap the 7 1/2-inch chenille wire around the straws at the staples.

Connect the chenille wires together with one twist.
Straw Angel step 6 wrap chenille wire around neck
Cut the eighth straw just below the flexible area.

Next, cut the longer piece in half to form the arms.
Straw Angel step 7 cut arms
Push the two pieces of straw over the two ends of the chenille wire.
Straw Angel step 8 add arms to chenille
Bend the straw-covered chenille wires in half and join the ends in a simple bend to form the hands.

Push the cut ends of the chenille wire into the ends of each straw.
Straw Angel step 9 bend arms and join hands
Fold the wide ribbon into a circle overlapping the ends of the ribbon.

Gently fold the circle with the overlapped ends on one side.

Wrap second piece of chenille wire around the stapled area of the straws and twist the wire ends together.

Wrap the ends around the middle of the ribbon and twist the ends to hold the ribbon wings.
Straw Angel step 10 add ribbon wings
Cut the excess chenille wire ends.

Use the pliers to flatten and hide the ends of the wire.
Straw Angel step 11 trim excess wire
Wrap the second, narrow ribbon around the angel's neck and form a bow.
Straw Angel step 12 add bow at neck
Cut a 4-inch piece of wire for the halo.
Straw Angel step 13 cut wire for halo
Form a 1-inch circle in the wire and crimp the end of the wire to hold the circle in place.

Bend the long end of the wire perpendicular to the circle.
Straw Angel step 14 make halo
Add glue to the wire and insert the end into the top of the wooden bead.
Straw Angel step 15 add halo to wooden bead
Cut a 12-inch piece of yarn.
Straw Angel step 16 cut yarn
Wrap the yarn behind the ribbon wings and pull the ends even.

Tie a knot into the ends to complete the loop.
Straw Angel step 17 add yarn loop
Cut the ends of the straws at an angle.

The center straw should be the longest and each adjacent straw on either side should be slightly shorter.

Trim the ends of the ribbon bow at an angle.
Straw Angel step 18 trim ends
The fun little Drinking Straw Angel is finished and ready to display.
Straw Angel step 19 display
Just a few drinking straws form the basis of this cute little angel.

If you want, you can add a face with an ink pen, paints or with cosmetics.

Have fun!

The Easy Angel Crafts Drinking Straw Angel uses simple and inexpensive materials and tools for the young and young at heart to make one or many of these little decorations.
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