Easy Christmas Crafts: Braided Candy Cane Ornament

This Easy Christmas Crafts braided candy cane ornament uses just six chenille wire stems and your fingers.

That's all you need to make this fun and easy ornament.

This easy Christmas crafts project can be fun for young and old alike.

It can be an ornament, an addition to a pretty package or a small keepsake gift.

If you prefer, you can add a yarn or ribbon loop for hanging on a tree or attaching to a package.
braided candy cane ornament in red and white
If you are fast at braiding, you can make this braided candy cane ornament faster than it takes to look at the instructions below.

Easy Christmas Crafts: Braided Candy Cane Ornament Materials and Tools:

Chenille stems - six 12-inch - colors of your choice.
I used three of one color and three of a second color in each example.

But, it could be fun to use all one color, three colors, or even six different colors.
braided candy cane ornament materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Christmas Crafts: Braided Candy Cane Ornament:

Group the six chenille stems into three pair alternating the colors.

This version uses green and white chenille stems.

Each of the three sections includes a green and a white chenille stem.
braided candy cane ornament step 1 arrange chenille stems
Securely bend the wires together roughly one-inch from the beginning ends.
braided candy cane ornament step 2 secure wires together
Begin braiding the chenille stems together.
braided candy cane ornament step 3 braid wires
Keep the colors consistent as you braid.

For example, the green chenille wire remained on the left of the white chenille wire throughout the braiding. Note: I mixed them up in one example. The resulting candy cane was not as attractive.

Continue braiding the chenille wires to within 1/2 to 3/4 inch from the end.
braided candy cane ornament step 4 continue braiding to the end
Bend the ends of the chenille wire to secure the ends together and to keep their pointed ends from pricking fingers.
braided candy cane ornament step 5 fold end wires
Fold the beginning wires to finish that end and to hide the pointed wires.

Fold the beginning wires back onto the braid in the same direction as the other end.

In other words, the ends of the wires - beginning and last - should be folded to what will become the back of the ornament. 
braided candy cane ornament step 6 fold beginning wires
Form the braided candy cane ornament into the cane shape with a hook at the top and a straight leg along the side.
braided candy cane ornament step 7 form cane shape
Hang the little candy cane on an ornament hook as shown here or just drape it over a limb of the Christmas tree.
braided candy cane ornament hanging on display
The green and white version of the candy cane is larger than the red and white. I prefer the smaller version which uses the exact same steps.

The only difference is the amount of wire folded to the back of the ornament. You can choose to make the size that you prefer for your decorations.
braided candy cane ornament two different versions
Here's another version of the braided candy cane ornament using red and green metallic chenille stems.

Shiny and pretty!
braided candy cane ornament red and green metallic on display
This fast, easy and inexpensive project is fun for everyone.

Plus, the results quickly add up for ornaments, package decorations or small remembrance gifts.

And, these little candy canes contain no calories!

Just a few or quite a lot of the little candy canes can be made quickly and inexpensively.

Have fun!

This Easy Christmas Crafts Braided Candy Cane Ornament provides loads of fun for kids, adults and seniors!
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