Frugal Fun Projects - Mending Socks with a Light Bulb

Do you have socks that are perfectly good EXCEPT for that hole in the toe?

Does this happen to your athletic socks and to your trouser socks?

Here's how to do an easy frugal fun project for mending socks using a light bulb.

"Why in the world would you mend a sock with a light bulb," you ask? Well, first the light bulb needs to be round-shaped bulb not one of those curly compact fluorescent bulbs.

The light bulb makes it easier for mending socks without pricking your fingers or sewing the sock together where it shouldn't be together.

As a bonus, the light bulb helps prevent a bulky seam which would be painful on your toes.

Frugal Fun Projects: Mend Socks with Light Bulb Materials and Tools:

Sock with hole in it 
Round-shaped light bulb 
Sewing thread matching your sock 

The Steps for How to Mend Socks with Light Bulb:

First, let's look at an athletic sock with an uncomfortable hole in the toe:
Find round-shaped light bulb to help with the sock mending.
Insert the light bulb into the sock.
Thread needle with the appropriate color of thread and knot one end of the thread.
Insert the needle into one side of the hole.

Make sure the knot in the thread does not pull through.

Take another stitch in the same place to anchor the thread.
Take a small amount of the sock from the opposite side of the hole onto your needle.

Push the needle through the sock close to the anchor stitch.

Be careful that the stitches are not too big.

Taking too much sock material onto the needle creates a big seam over the toe.
Pull the needle and thread until snug.
Continue adding stitches until the hole is closed.
Secure the thread with a knot and trim.

Your sock is almost good as new!
What if you have a hole in another part of the sock?

The light bulb helps there too.
Follow the steps as above.

Anchor your thread near one end of the hole.

Take small stitches across the hole and pull the needle and thread until snug.
Knot the thread and trim.

The hole is not quite invisible, but almost.
But, what if the holes are in trouser socks - those thin socks worn with dress slacks?

The steps remain the same, but let's take a look.
Insert the light bulb into the sock.

Thread a needle with a matching thread.

Knot one end of the thread.
Anchor the thread at the edge of the hole.
Make small stitches close together to pull the hole closed.
Once closed, knot the thread at sock, trim the thread.
The sock is almost as good as new.

The mended area appears almost invisible.

Now, this sock can be worn many more times.
With the popularity of the compact fluorescent bulbs, you may want to keep a couple of round-shaped bulbs for mending purposes.

Storing them in a plastic bag prevents glass shards from going everywhere in the case of breakage.

This bag with two burned out bulbs resides near my mending kit.
See how easy it is to extend the life of your socks!
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