How To: Sew Stitches

When you learn how to sew stitches you can do many fun and easy projects. Plus, you can mend those pieces of clothing you still love but don't wear because they need mending.
Learning the basics of how to sew stitches doesn't take much time at all, especially if you have someone teaching you how.

Too, once you learn how to sew stitches, our projects that require sewing become more fun and easier to do.

Of course, we have instructions on the sewing projects to show you how to do the various steps, but we didn't detail each and every sewing stitch.

Instead, we want you to have your very own How to Sew Stitches e-book.

This e-book contains 40 pages with detailed how to sew stitches instructions accompanied by over 130 pictures.
How to Sew Stitches e-book
You learn how to sew stitches for the:
- running stitch 
- double running stitch 
- blanket stitch 
- blanket stitch for points and angles 
- overlay blanket stitch   
- overhand stitch 
- backstitch 
- chain stitch 
- cross stitch 
- French knot stitch 
- hem stitch
Many other stitches exist in embroidery, but this How to Sew Stitches e-book provides all of the basic sewing stitches necessary for our fun and easy projects and for most mending projects as well.

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For more fun, in addition to the How to Sew Stitches e-book, we provide you with a fun and easy Sam the Siamese Cat to make.  You can make it as an ornament.

You can enlarge the pattern and use the same steps to make a child's stuffed toy or a toy for a playful kitty or puppy.

Fun and Easy Cat Ornament e-book
Like our other e-books, this Fun & Easy Cat Ornament e-book provides detailed, illustrated instructions for how to make this cute Sam the Siamese Cat.

If you already know how to sew stitches, Sam the Siamese will be a fun and easy project for you, too.

The Cat Ornament e-book along with the How to Sew Stitches e-book will provide easy and inexpensive fun and enjoyment.
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