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How To: Repair a Jeans Pocket


Do you or someone you know carry so much stuff in their jeans pockets that holes appear and things fall out? The steps below show how to repair a jeans pocket. With a little time and few materials, those jeans will once again carry the "stuff."

Let's look at the hole in the pocket of this pair of jeans.

How to repair jeans pocket showing the badly torn pocket

How to Repair a Jeans Pocket: Materials and Tools:

  • jeans with torn pocket
  • sturdy but lightweight fabric for repair
  • thread
  • scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine (bobbin is shown) 

If you don't have a sewing machine, you can still follow the steps. Make small hand stitches with needle and thread where machine sewing is shown. Double stitch for strong seams.

How to repair jeans pocket tools and materials

The Steps for How to Repair a Jeans Pocket:

Lay the pocket flat. Cut across the pocket through both thicknesses roughly 1/2 inch above the hole and weakened area of the jeans pocket.

How to repair jeans pocket step 1 cut off the torn pocket area

Cut a piece of repair fabric that folded in half is the same width as the bottom of the cut pocket. The length should be longer than the longest portion of the cut off pocket.

This fabric is from left-over sheet material. (Sheets, especially on sale, provide a lot of fabric for many different projects.) You could also use a portion of a shirt that you no longer want for the repair fabric in these steps for how to repair a jeans pocket.  

How to repair jeans pocket step 2 cut repair fabric

Pin the right side of the repair fabric to the inside of the cut pocket. If you can't determine right and wrong sides, don't worry, just pin the fabric inside the pocket matching the edges. 

How to repair jeans pocket step 3 pin fabric to inside of the pocket

Pin the repair fabric up to the edge seam in the cut pocket. To attach, we will begin sewing at one pin and go around to the other pin but leave the area between the two pins open. 

How to repair jeans pocket step 4 leave edge area open

Sew a narrow seam connecting the repair fabric to the pocket. Use 10-12 stitches per inch.

How to repair jeans pocket step 5 sew narrow seam

Make the seam 1/4 to 3/8 inches wide. A larger seam adds too much bulk. 

How to repair jeans pocket step 6 narrow seam

Pull the repair fabric from inside the pocket. You can see the edge on the left is still open. But, before we close that edge in our how to repair a jeans pocket steps, let's add strength to the connecting seam. 

How to repair jeans pocket step 7 open edge seam area

Flatten the seam toward the repair fabric. Sew along the edge of the previous seam's stitches through both layers of the seam and the repair fabric. The stitches should be very close to the earlier stitches. 

How to repair jeans pocket step 8 edge stitch to double sew seam

In our how to repair a jeans pockets steps, the repair fabric is now securely fastened to the pocket. But, we need to finish the bottom of the pocket. 

How to repair jeans pocket step 9 finished double sewn seam

Use the piece of pocket that was cut off to determine where to sew the bottom of the pocket.

Place the torn pocket piece over the repair fabric. Place pins in the repair fabric - but not through the torn pocket - around the curved edge of the pocket piece.

How to repair jeans pocket step 10 use cut off pocket as pattern

Remove the torn pocket. The pins show where the bottom edge of the pocket should be. The seam will be just above those pins. 

How to repair jeans pocket step 11 pins show where to sew

For added strength, sew along the curved bottom edge at least twice. 

How to repair jeans pocket step 12 double stitched seam

This close-up provides a view of the stitches. This sewing machine has a built-in double-lined zig-zag stitch. In addition another line of straight stitches was added for more strength. 

How to repair jeans pocket step 13 double stitch seam close-up

Trim the excess repair fabric from the bottom of the pocket. 

How to repair jeans pocket step 14 trim excess fabric

This next view shows the inside of the pocket. The raw seams are on the outside of the pocket, which is inside the leg of the jeans. The inside of the repair is finished where the "stuff" and the hand won't catch on an unfinished seam.   

How to repair jeans pocket step 15 showing finished inside of repaired pocket

Denim jeans last and last and get better with age. Their pockets, on the other hand, can wear out long before the jeans do.

Use our how to repair a jeans pocket instructions to help you get more enjoyment out of your jeans.


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