Easy Angel Crafts: Mustache Angel

This fun and easy Mustache Angel is made with some felt and yarn along with a button and becomes a whimsical little addition to the rest of the angels.
Mustache Angel pink with gold yarn
Let's look at the materials and the steps for how to make the Mustache Angel:

Easy Angel Crafts: Mustache Angel Materials and Tools:

Craft felt 
Button - 3/4 to 1-inch in diameter (if you don't have a button, use the circle on the pattern to cut a round shape for the face) 
Pins (optional) 
Mustache Angel Pattern (click to open file in Adobe)
Mustache Angel materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Angel Crafts: Mustache Angel:

Print the Mustache Angel pattern.

Cut around the mustache pattern.

Position the pattern on a double thickness of the craft felt.
Mustache Angel step 1 position pattern
Cut the felt around the pattern to yield two mustache shapes.
Mustache Angel step 2 cut around the shapes
Dot glue on the inside of one of the two felt shapes.
Mustache Angel step 3 dot glue on the inside of one shape
Position the second felt piece over the glue dots making sure to match edges.
Mustache Angel step 4 glue shapes together
Wrap the yarn around your splayed fingers five or six times in roughly a four-inch circle.
Mustache Angel step 5 make yarn bundle
Cut a piece of yarn 15 inches long.
Mustache Angel step 6 cut yarn for loop
Fold the yarn bundle in half.

Wrap the 15-inch piece of yarn around the middle of the bundle and tie a square or hard knot.
Mustache Angel step 7 tie yarn bundle
Tie a knot in the ends of the yarn to form a yarn loop.

Trim any excess yarn.
Mustache Angel step 8 form yarn loop
Place a generous dot of glue at the middle top of the felt shape.

Position the middle of the yarn bundle over the dot of glue.
Mustache Angel step 9 glue yarn bundle
Place glue on the back of the button (or circular shape).

Position the button centered just below the yarn bundle.
Mustache Angel step 10 glue button
Display the finished Mustache Angel wherever a fun little angel can watch over you.
Mustache Angel step 11 finished on display
Instead of gold and white, the next Mustache Angel uses blue felt, silver yarn and a brown and white button.
Mustache Angel blue finished on display
These angels are whimsical but just fun and easy, too.

The hardest part of making these little decorations is allowing time for the glue to set.

The ornament is so fast and inexpensive to make that you can quickly make a lot of the ornaments.

Have fun!

The Mustache Angel is also a great group project for family, church or seniors.
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