Easy Christmas Crafts: Sled Ornament

This fun and easy sled ornament made with felt and chenille wires reminds us of the fun in the snow riding downhill on the tan colored sled with its red runners.
Sled Ornament two finished on display

Easy Christmas Crafts: Sled Ornament Materials and Tools:

Craft felt (camel tan, cashmere tan or similar tan color) 
Yarn (red) 
Chenille wires (2 red 12-inch wires) 
Poster board, chip board or card stock 
Needle nose pliers 
Pencil (not shown) 
Pattern - Sled Ornament pattern
Take a look at the simple materials and tools shown here.
Sled Ornament materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Christmas Crafts: Sled Ornament:

Print the Sled Ornament pattern.

Cut out the sled shaped pattern.

Draw around the pattern on the poster board (or chip board or card stock).

Cut out the poster board sled shape.
Sled Ornament step 1 cut poster board
Cut the two sled shapes from the felt. 

Cut the felt sled shapes just slightly larger than the pattern.

This keeps the poster board from showing around the edges.
Sled Ornament step 2 cut felt shapes
Glue one of the felt sled shapes to the poster board sled.
Sled Ornament step 3 glue one felt to board
Cut one of the 12-inch chenille wires in half.

Cut the second wire into three 4-inch lengths.
Sled Ornament step 4 cut chenille wires
Glue two of the 4-inch chenille wires to the poster board sled.

Center each wire across the sled shape and roughly 1/4 of the way from each end of the sled base not counting the "steering" arm.
Sled Ornament step 5 glue two chenille wires
Place glue on the poster board and the two chenille wires.

Position the second felt sled shape over the glue matching the sled edges.
Sled Ornament step 6 glue second felt to board
For each of the two 6-inch chenille wires, bend each end by 1/8 inch and crimp back onto itself to hide the sharp wires.
Sled Ornament step 7 bend wire ends
Bend each of the wires on the sled at right angles with the sled.
Sled Ornament step 8 bend sled wires
On each side, bend the ends of the sled wires around a 6-inch chenille wire to form the sled's "runners."

Crimp the sled wires to hold the 6-inch chenille wires in place.

At the front of the sled, bend each 6-inch chenille wire at an angle to make it easier for the "runners" to "slide on the snow." 
Sled Ornament step 9 add runners to sled
Cut a 12-inch piece of yarn.
Sled Ornament step 10 cut yarn
Make a slip knot in each end of the yarn.

The yarn should slip on itself not on the short ends of the slip knot.
Sled Ornament step 11 make slip knots
Hook the slip knots over the steering arm one on each side.

If necessary, trim the short ends of the slip knot.
Sled Ornament step 12 add yarn to sled
The little sled ornament is finished and ready to display.
Sled Ornament step 13 ready to display
Just a few materials and tools turn into a fun reminder of those winter days racing down a snow covered hill on a red and tan sled.

Have fun!

The little sled ornament can be a tree decoration or be part of a snowy display on a table, mantle or bookcase.
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