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Easy Christmas Crafts: Star Box Ornament

The Star Box Ornament uses a piece of paper or vellum, a short piece of ribbon and some yarn to become an interesting ornament that can also hide small, folded treasures inside.

Take a look at this gold version made with gold vellum and gold wire-edged ribbon. 

Star Box Ornament gold vellum with gold ribbon hanging on display

Let's make a silver and blue version.

Easy Christmas Crafts: Star Box Ornament Materials and Tools:

  • Paper or vellum
  • Ribbon - wire edged holds shape better; 1/2 to 3/4-inch wide
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Decorative edge scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Double-sided tape (with patience, can just use glue)
  • Pattern - Star Box Ornament pattern (click to open Adobe PDF) 

Take a look at the simple materials and tools. 

Star Box Ornament materials and tools

The Steps for How to Make the Easy Christmas Crafts: Star Box Ornament:

Print the Star Box Ornament pattern.

Cut out the shapes.

It's not necessary to print two copies of the pattern, but it certainly helps in positioning the shapes to get them all on one sheet of 8 1/5 by 11-inch paper.

Draw around the shapes with a pencil.

If your paper has a "right" and "wrong" side, draw the outlines on the "wrong" side.

Star Box Ornament step 1 position shapes

Cut around the star shapes with the regular scissors.

Cut around the pentagon with the decorative-edge scissors.

Star Box Ornament step 2 cut shapes

Use a straight edge to help fold the points of the star.

Begin the folds inward toward the side with the pencil outline such that any remaining pencil marks will be hidden inside.

Star Box Ornament step 3 begin folding points

Begin overlapping the folded points with the short edge over the long edge.

Star Box Ornament step 4 fold over points

As the last two points are folded inward, tuck their points under the first folded section.

Star Box Ornament step 5 fold all points

Fold the second star shape the same way.

Star Box Ornament step 6 fold second shape

Cut two lengths of yarn, one 8 inches and one 10 inches.

Cut 11 inches of the ribbon.

Star Box Ornament step 7 cut yarn and ribbon lengths

Center and glue one of the folded shapes over the decorative-edged pentagon.

Star Box Ornament step 8 glue first two shapes together

Turn the shape over.

Fold the 10-inch piece of yarn in half and glue the cut ends to the back of the decorative-edged pentagon.

Star Box Ornament step 9 glue yarn loop

Center and glue the second folded shape over the pentagon.

Star Box Ornament step 10 add last shape

Fold the ribbon to form a bow shape.

Use the 8-inch piece of yarn to tie around the ribbon to form the bow.

Star Box Ornament step 11 make bow

Securely knot the yarn to hold the ribbon in the bow shape.

Trim the yarn ends.

Trim the ribbon ends at an angle.

Star Box Ornament step 12 trim ribbon and yarn ends

Cut small pieces of double-sided tape (or you can just use glue).

Place the tape on the back of the ribbon bow.

Star Box Ornament step 13 position double-sided tape

Position the bow on the Star Box Ornament just beneath the point near the hanging loop.

Star Box Ornament step 14 add bow

The Star Box Ornament is finished and ready to display.

Star Box Ornament step 15 finished hang to display

Here's another version - this one is white on white.

The paper is 48-pound matte presentation paper.

The ribbon is a sheer white - not wire edged.

The yarn is a simple white crochet yarn.

Star Box Ornament white on white display

Just paper, yarn, ribbon, scissors and glue make a simple and interesting ornament.

Plus, the ornament really is a box and can hold small folded gifts such as money or notes promising a gift of time, chores or another future gift. 

Add more bling to make your own unique ornaments.

The choices are many!

The Star Box Ornament is a fun project for anyone wanting something different for the decorations this year.

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