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After many years (28) in the corporate world in a high technology industry, the time came to move on to do something different.

Yes, the corporate world instigated the move with a reduction in force, but doing something new became exciting.

In youth and in the corporate world, my strongest and most frequent trait appeared as creative problem solving.

In the corporate world, the problem solving was with numbers and multi-million dollar telecom networks.

Outside the business office, the problem solving involved hands-on solutions for home improvement, crafts or fixing something broken.

I grew up in rural north Georgia of parents who lived frugally during the Depression, through World War II and continued to be frugal throughout their lives.

Many opportunities presented themselves for me to be creative with inexpensive materials and basic tools.
These tools could involve saws, hammers and nails or scissors, needles and thread or whatever the situation needed.

The materials could be repurposing something no longer needed, or it could mean starting a new project with inexpensive materials.

Perhaps creative problem solving and being skilled with your hands can be both learned and genetic.

Who knows.

Regardless, I appreciate and enjoy the opportunities and my abilities to study problems, identify solutions and implement them.

My goal for funEZcrafts is to share creativity and knowledge with projects you can do for fun and profit.

I hope you enjoy and learn.

Come on in and stay awhile...
Come on in and stay awhile...

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