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Knots and Niceties

This shop has been temporarily closed - but take a look at some of the fun items below. They will return in the future.

 Celtic Knots - Hairpin Lace

  • Made with hand crocheted hairpin lace
  • Used the true alternating over-and-under pattern of the original Celtic knots

These Celtic knot designs make great conversation pieces with their unique yarns, hairpin lace and background fabrics. They easily hang on a wall or can be laid on a flat surface. Either way, they're fun and interesting.

 Celtic Knots - Hairpin Lace Framed In Shadow Box

These Celtic knot designs are attached to a fabric background and framed in a shadow box. The depth of the shadow box showcases the individual loops in the hairpin lace and the Celtic knot designs.


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 Celtic Knots - Hairpin Lace On Stretcher Frame

These Celtic knots are sewn with small stitches to the fabric background. The fabric is stretched over a stretcher frame and the back is finished with another piece of fabric or felt. A hanging loop across the frame's back makes it easy to hang each design. Or, if you prefer, a decorative frame can be added to complement your other accessories.

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 Celtic Knots - Hairpin Lace In The Round

The inner circle of an embroidery hoop forms the basis of these designs. The fabric is stretched over the circle and a back fabric added to hold the design in place. A hanging loop on the back makes it easy to hang each design. Or, if you prefer, a decorative frame can be added to match your decor.


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 Celtic Knot Designs - Felt On Fabric

These designs are cut individually from craft felt and sewn with tiny stitches to fabric around a stretcher frame.

The back is finished and has a hanging loop to allow you to hang as-is. Or, if you prefer, a decorative frame can be easily added.

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 Celtic Knot Designs - Paper on Paper

  • Decorative papers
  • Cardstock background
  • 12x12-inch "scrapbook" size

You may be familiar with our Celtic 12 Circles design made with construction paper. The four versions included here move the design up a notch with the decorative paper and cardstock.

These designs provide a striking focal point to any room.

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 Oh So Niceties - Door Organizers

You may recognize these door organizers from our e-book series. These fun and functional door organizers are strong, and each is decorated with an entertaining design on the front.

The door organizer easily hangs on a door knob or door lever. Plus, it can easily be grabbed as you run out the door if you don't have time to transfer the contents to your pockets, purse or briefcase.

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