Another version of the Woven Paper Angel

This angel uses the same pattern and the same technique as illustrated in our Woven Paper Angel project. The only real difference is the size and the materials used.

The pattern was reduced when printed such that the circle was four and a half inches in diameter. From there, the steps remain the same.

Woven paper angel small, white, hanging on tree

The background paper is white, matte photo paper. Strips of gold wrapping paper make the angel’s wings, halo and horn. Cream colored presentation paper was used for the face and hand. Strips of white dotted pink paper make the angel’s robe. Two pieces of pink yarn form the hanger for the angel.

Though not necessary, tweezers are very helpful when weaving the strips of paper back and forth through the white background.

In particular, this bent end tool helps when weaving the strips.

bent end tweezers

Enjoy making the larger version or reduce the pattern to make a smaller angel.