Celtic Designs – The Celtic Heart Knot

This is an Easy Paper Crafts Celtic Designs Celtic Heart Knot using simple and inexpensive materials and tools.

Actually, this is a modified design for the Celtic eternity or love knot.

I’m using the heart shape as the basis for the never-ending loops of the Celtic eternity knot.

Take a look at these framed finished designs:

Easy Paper Crafts Celtic Designs Celtic Heart Knot finished and framed in black

Or, how about a different version in red, white and blue plaid:

Easy Paper Crafts Celtic Designs Celtic Heart Knot white framed red, white and blue plaid design

Simple, yet interesting, this Celtic Heart Knot design makes a striking addition to any decor. Plus, it adds a conversation piece.

You can explain the neverending eternity knot or the 8-18 unique knot of mathematical knot theory.

Either way, this beautiful Celtic Heart Knot is easy and inexpensive to make.

Head over to the Easy Paper Crafts Celtic Designs Celtic Heart Knot to view the easy instructions and find the printable pattern.



Celtic Design – 12 Circles

Our easy paper crafts project shows how to make this Celtic design with 12 circles using simple tools and inexpensive materials.

The results are both beautiful and interesting.

The first version uses construction paper for the design and background. The yellow matting is simply 24#, yellow 8.5×11 printer paper.


The next version used five different colors of 8.5×11 printer paper on a black construction paper background.


The tools are simple too: scissors, pencil, eraser. As for the frame, it’s optional. The versions here are in a simple acrylic frame found in office supply stores. Or, you can place your design with a matte in a nice frame for a stunning picture. Or, more simply, just glue the project together and display as a paper design. 

Even more fun, the components do not have to be precision cut. In fact, wavy lines and slight variations in the widths of the cut forms make the design even more attractive.

Have fun creating your own version of this project!

Click here:  Easy Paper Crafts – Celtic Design 12 Circles to download the patterns and see the how-to steps.