Five Point Wooden Star – Easy!

We made our Five Point Wooden Star out of wooden skewers found in the kitchen, but any five pieces of wood of roughly equal size and length would work.

Five Point Wooden Star made with five wooden skewers

The larger star shown above can be woven such that all you need is string to hold the pieces together.

Smaller stars require an additional bit of glue at the interior cross points.

These stars could be made of popsicle sticks, toothpicks, drinking straws, chenille wire, twigs from the yard or garden and the list goes on…

These simple stars could decorate a holiday tree, surround votive or pillar candles on a table or mantle, become napkin rings or add a bit of interest to wrapped gifts.

Take a look at the easy directions with their accompanying pictures on our main page for the Easy Christmas Crafts – Five Point Wooden Star.

Have fun!