Five Point Wooden Star – Easy!

We made our Five Point Wooden Star out of wooden skewers found in the kitchen, but any five pieces of wood of roughly equal size and length would work.

Five Point Wooden Star made with five wooden skewers

The larger star shown above can be woven such that all you need is string to hold the pieces together.

Smaller stars require an additional bit of glue at the interior cross points.

These stars could be made of popsicle sticks, toothpicks, drinking straws, chenille wire, twigs from the yard or garden and the list goes on…

These simple stars could decorate a holiday tree, surround votive or pillar candles on a table or mantle, become napkin rings or add a bit of interest to wrapped gifts.

Take a look at the easy directions with their accompanying pictures on our main page for the Easy Christmas Crafts – Five Point Wooden Star.

Have fun!

Handkerchief Wall Hanging

Do you have pretty handkerchiefs hidden away? They’re beautiful, you don’t want to get rid of them but you just don’t know how to display them.

Using our simple, step-by-step instructions along with a few inexpensive materials and tools, a pretty handkerchief easily becomes a beautiful wall hanging.

Handkerchief Wall Hanging finished and hanging on wall


The contrast between the background fabric and the finery of the handkerchief shows off the intricate drawnwork and the beautiful embroidery.

Handmade hankerchief detail

With a little time this handkerchief transforms from a hidden treasure into a handsome wall hanging to accent any decor.

Check out our easy instructions:  funEZcrafts’ Handkerchief Wall Hanging.

Framed Doily

Do you have doilies that someone crocheted and shared with you but you don’t know what to do with them? Perhaps you think they’re pretty but you don’t want to use them as people used them in years past.

Your great grandma, your grandma or maybe even your mom used crocheted doilies as protection for the arms and backs of chairs and for placing under tchotchkes on end tables or coffee tables.

With today’s styles, what can you do with doilies?

A framed doily makes a beautiful, interesting and warm decoration for your home. You can use a favorite color or a color that coordinates with your decor as a contrasting background within the frame. Or, if you have several, framed doilies make beautiful gifts too.

Take a look at this example:

Frugal fun crafts framed doily

This one happens to be a gift to the person (my sister-in-law, Kee) who gave me the doily. She didn’t use the doily and thought I could find a purpose for it. This framed doily version incorporates her favorite and second favorite colors, ocean blue-green and crimson red, to contrast and highlight the beauty of the doily.

This framed doily will make a pretty addition to her home.

You can find the simple, easy and fast instructions here:  Frugal Fun Crafts – Framed Doily.


Mobius Bracelet Out of Ribbon

Have you seen Mobius bracelets in stores and catalogs? Do you wonder about them? And, why are they called Mobius bracelets?

We show you how to make your own Mobius bracelet using simple and inexpensive materials. Take a look at our funEZcrafts web page: How to Make a Mobius Bracelet Out of Ribbon.

The steps are easy and the results quick.

Take a look at two different versions of the bracelet:


This view shows how the bracelet alternates between the stripes and polka dots around the bracelet:


Or, how about this one announcing “I’ve Been Nice” to all who see it:


Too bad, “I’ve Been Naughty” ribbon was not available. The two ribbons in one bracelet would be apropos as most people cannot be nice all the time!

Have fun making your own versions of the Mobius bracelet – take a look at the how to make steps, tools and materials on our web site here:  How to Make a Mobius Bracelet Out of Ribbon.


Doilies Offer Many Possibilities

A doily pillow represents just one way to highlight the beauty of the delicate and intricate work of the crocheted stitches.

Take  a look at this pillow – one side shows multicolored green yarn and the other multicolored yellow yarn. Both sides highlight the artistry of the crocheted doilies:



Maybe you have a crocheter in your family and friends. Or, perhaps you purchased some doilies for their beauty then didn’t know what to do with them.

This easy-to-do doily pillow adds a beautiful accent to a group of pillows on a bed, a window seat or anywhere a soft pillow works in your decor.

Plus, the look varies by the choice of pillow fabric – light or dark, matching or contrasting – and the type of ribbon you use to weave the doilies together.

With just a few inexpensive tools and materials and a short amount of time, you can make a pillow today. And, when you want a different look, you can easily change the fabric and ribbon to make another pillow with the same doilies.

Take a look at the how to steps on our web site:  funEZcrafts Doily Pillow.

Have fun!

Punched Quilt Heart – warm and inviting

Do you enjoy the beauty and heartwarming feeling quilts provide?

Take a look at our Punched Quilt Heart project that uses a few inexpensive materials and tools but provides beautiful results.


This easy and fun project uses small scraps of material, a 9×9 inches piece of foam core board and felt for finishing the back. The tools are simple, too.

Your finished project can be displayed on a stand (shown above) or hung on a wall to enjoy.

The project can be fun to do as gifts for friends and family as well.

Enjoy making your own creation!

 For the pattern and how to instructions, click here: Frugal Fun Crafts – Punched Quilt Heart

Easy Napkin Pillow

Take a look at this Easy Napkin Pillow project. You can make these with simple materials, tools and steps. Plus, they’re fast and fun!


The how-to steps along with the lists of materials and tools can be found on our web site by clicking here: Frugal Fun Crafts – Easy Napkin Pillow.

You can add a bit of softness to your decor, make them fast and inexpensively as gifts or make them to sell at craft fairs or church bazaars.

Have fun!

New Addition – Easy Canvas Shopping Bag

Have you joined the green movement? Or, perhaps you just don’t like to use all that plastic and paper for shopping bags. Not only do you have to do something with those bags when you get them home, but they also tend to break open at the worst possible moment.

The eggs break, the bread gets crushed and the heavy cans hit your toes when they fall through the broken bags.

Now, we show you how to make an easy and inexpensive easy canvas shopping bag that is both strong and long-lasting. Plus, it is washable time after time.

Even if you want to make just a couple, it still may be cheaper to purchase a canvas drop cloth from the painting supplies area of your favorite store. The canvas drop cloth comes in a variety of sizes and you can get a lot of material for much less than buying the canvas by the yard.

There may be imperfections in the drop cloth canvas; however those imperfections should add character to your bag.

Plus, when you make the bag yourself, you can determine the resulting size. Ours is deeper than those reusable bags you can find in stores for purchase. Also, the handles are longer such that you can carry the bag or put the handles on your shoulder.


Frugal, fun and easy!

New Additions!

We’ve been busy!

There are new additions to the web site in the Christmas crafts, felt crafts, paper crafts and frugal projects.

Let’s see, we have:

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These were just added today. If you haven’t visited in awhile, take a look there may be other additions you haven’t seen.