How to fold a six-point star from hexagons

This easy paper crafts project takes a little time to learn, but once you know the steps, it’s very simple to do.

Take a look at these pretty easy paper crafts six point stars made from folding paper hexagons:

Easy Paper Crafts Six-Point Stars from folded hexagons

Here’s a close-up view of the gold six-point star made with the steps on the Easy Paper Crafts Six Point Star page.

Easy Paper Crafts Six Point Star gold with all points folded

One caution, you need to be careful with your measurements. The project doesn’t require perfection, but if the lines or angles are off by much, the resulting star will show the problems.

Don’t let that scare you. The easy paper crafts six point star is simple once you do one or two or three.

Plus, they make pretty decorations any time of the year – hanging in a window, added to a gift, given to a child for a job well done, or any other application you can think about.


Highlighting the Lace Flower Ornament

Last week we showcased the Paper Doily Flower Ornament. Today, let’s take a look at a similar decoration made with lace – the Lace Flower Ornament.

Here are three finished lace flower ornaments made with three different colors of lace:

Three completed Easy Christmas Crafts Lace Flower Ornaments hanging on a tree

Two short pieces of lace from 16 inches to 20 inches long – one roughly half the width of the other, two short pieces of narrow ribbon and an optional embellishment for the center of the flower are the main materials for this simple lace flower ornament.

Now, this ornament does require some simple sewing – very simple sewing – to make the circles of lace.

On our Easy Christmas Crafts Lace Flower Ornament page, we provide the step-by-step instructions along with pictures showing you how to make this pretty white and pale pink decoration:

Completed white and pink easy Christmas crafts lace flower ornament hanging on the tree

A few of these pretty decorations would add interest to a Christmas tree, a wrapped package or even hanging on a drawer pull. One or more would also make nice yet inexpensive gifts for several of the people on your list this year.

Take a look at the Easy Christmas Crafts Lace Flower Ornament page for the details.

Have Fun!

Five Point Wooden Star – Easy!

We made our Five Point Wooden Star out of wooden skewers found in the kitchen, but any five pieces of wood of roughly equal size and length would work.

Five Point Wooden Star made with five wooden skewers

The larger star shown above can be woven such that all you need is string to hold the pieces together.

Smaller stars require an additional bit of glue at the interior cross points.

These stars could be made of popsicle sticks, toothpicks, drinking straws, chenille wire, twigs from the yard or garden and the list goes on…

These simple stars could decorate a holiday tree, surround votive or pillar candles on a table or mantle, become napkin rings or add a bit of interest to wrapped gifts.

Take a look at the easy directions with their accompanying pictures on our main page for the Easy Christmas Crafts – Five Point Wooden Star.

Have fun!

Highlighting a New Paper Pinwheel Wreath Ornament

Today, we’re highlighting a paper pinwheel wreath ornament.

This new ornament uses a small piece of paper cut into circles and squares along with some string and glue. The paper pinwheel wreath ornament is both easy and inexpensive.

The variety for these simple paper ornaments is only limited by the paper you have available and your imagination!

Plus, if you want to make the wreath larger, the steps work just the same. Just make the circles with diameters twice that of the squares. These paper pinwheel wreath ornaments have circles with two-inch diameters and twelve squares of one-inch. For a four-inch diameter circle, make twelve two-inch squares for the design.

Visit the paper pinwheel wreath ornament page on our main web site for the list of materials and tools along with the illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Enjoy making these by yourself or with family and friends.

Have fun!

Another Highlight – Button Snowman Ornament

He (or she) may be made with buttons and felt, but the button snowman ornament is a no-sew project. Instead of needle and thread for the buttons, glue will hold the buttons to the felt.

Let’s look at four simple yet cute little snow persons!

Four Finished Button Snowman Ornaments

Each small ornament uses two small pieces of felt – one white and one complementing the button colors, three buttons and a short piece of yarn or thread.

Inexpensive craft felt can be found in 9 x 12-inch pieces. Inexpensive buttons can be found in mixed bags in the craft areas of stores or in flea markets.

The inexpensive materials and simple tools allow you to make several of these ornaments for very little cost.

Plus, these little ornaments are not just for the holidays. They can be a fun project for a snowy afternoon for children or the young at heart at a senior center.

They’re fun little button snowman ornaments to make.

Of course, if you prefer to sew, these little button snowman ornaments would be lovely with the buttons sewn on and the two pieces of felt held together with stitches around the edge.

Head over the the button snowman ornament page on the main website to find the simple pattern and the illustrated steps on how to make the button snowman.

Have fun!

A Fun Accordian Folded Paper Angel Ornament

Inexpensive and easy to do, you can make a few or a lot of these Accordian Folded Paper Angel Ornaments to decorate your home, add as decorations for pretty packages or sell at school or church bazaars.

Accordian Folded Paper Angel Ornament three finished and hanging on an ornament tree

You can find more pictures along with the list of materials and tools and the steps for how to make the Accordian Folded Paper Angel Ornament  on our main web site.

Easy and fast, children and adults alike can make these pretty little angels.

They can also be a fun project for young little ones to color before final construction.

Enjoy and have fun!

Angels, Angels Everywhere!

Hello everyone. Other projects took priority over adding new fun and easy crafts to

But, we’ve just added several new projects appropriate for the holidays or for anytime throughout the year.

Take a look at the multitude of angels:

First in the list are the varieties of the yarn angel:

Three Yarn Angels

Second is the Doily Angel:

Doily Angel hanging on tree

Next, is the Handkerchief Angel:

Purple Handkerchief Angel hanging on tree

How about an Angel Gift Bag:

Angel Gift Bag hanging on tree

Here’s a Quilter’s Angel (though anyone can make this pretty angel):

Quilters Angel hanging on tree

One more, but this is a set of three angels for the Angel Trio:

Angel Trio hanging on tree

Each of these angels can be made with simple materials and tools and only take a small amount of time.

You can find links to all of these angels on our Easy Angel Crafts page.

Have fun making these angels to decorate your home, give as gifts or as group projects for children or adults to do.

Mobius Bracelet Out of Ribbon

Have you seen Mobius bracelets in stores and catalogs? Do you wonder about them? And, why are they called Mobius bracelets?

We show you how to make your own Mobius bracelet using simple and inexpensive materials. Take a look at our funEZcrafts web page: How to Make a Mobius Bracelet Out of Ribbon.

The steps are easy and the results quick.

Take a look at two different versions of the bracelet:


This view shows how the bracelet alternates between the stripes and polka dots around the bracelet:


Or, how about this one announcing “I’ve Been Nice” to all who see it:


Too bad, “I’ve Been Naughty” ribbon was not available. The two ribbons in one bracelet would be apropos as most people cannot be nice all the time!

Have fun making your own versions of the Mobius bracelet – take a look at the how to make steps, tools and materials on our web site here:  How to Make a Mobius Bracelet Out of Ribbon.


New Additions!

We’ve been busy!

There are new additions to the web site in the Christmas crafts, felt crafts, paper crafts and frugal projects.

Let’s see, we have:

Easy Christmas Crafts – Five Point Star (using Christmas cards)

Easy Felt Crafts – Napkin Rings

Easy Christmas Crafts – Folded Paper Christmas Trees (a little different than kirigami)

Easy Frugal Projects – Aluminum Foil Trivets

Easy Frugal Projects – Wine Charms

Easy Paper Crafts – Five Point Star  (a general how-to)

Easy Frugal Projects – Decorate with Color

These were just added today. If you haven’t visited in awhile, take a look there may be other additions you haven’t seen.