Gifts from the heart in ornaments

The news today claims the traditional holiday shopping weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday last week saw an increase in the retail sales over the last couple of years. It will be interesting to see if the same holds true for today’s Cyber Monday sales on the internet.

Regardless, many people still struggle with their finances in these tough economic times and struggle with how to buy holiday gifts for all of the people on their list this year.

Handmade gifts are nice. We offer several different projects on our main site for fun and interesting gifts.

But, perhaps in addition to lack of discretionary funds, you lack the time to make gifts for everyone on your holiday list.

Have you though of gifting your skills and time to help your family and friends? Maybe you think you don’t have skills that people on your list need. In many cases, it’s not always a skill someone needs. Your time and efforts helping them do a task they can’t do by themselves or helping them do something that needs to be done but they’ve put off would be very much appreciated.

It’s simple to gift your time and efforts. You can write a promissory note – either by hand or on your computer – and wrap it in a gift box.

Or, you can add the gift as a decoration on the tree.

We have several ornaments that would be easy to make and add to the tree with a promissory note inside.

Our Paper Doily Greeting Card Ornament could just as easily include a note with your promise of time and effort.

Another easy ornament, the Paper Basket Cone Ornament, would also hold a rolled promissory note.

A similar version made of felt can be used instead.

Children, young and not-so-young, can get into the spirit of the season by making these ornaments and adding their own promises as gifts. They could have fun making the ornaments while they learn the spirit of giving and the responsibility of following through on their promises.

Some examples of children’s promises:

  • I promise to do my assigned chores without having to be prompted for three months
  • I promise to write Grandma and Grandpa once a week for six months
  • I promise to wash the car ten times
  • I promise to prepare dinner once a week for six weeks

The list is endless and should be applicable to each child’s abilities and the family’s interests and needs. The promise should be worthwhile and not something they would be doing anyway.

On an adult scale, the promises could be doing tasks for someone, going somewhere with someone, and they can even be risque between consenting adults!

Don’t let the holidays become stressful. Use them to be creative and to give gifts worth more than money can buy to the recipients on your list!