A Fun & Easy Christmas Crafts Paper Doily Cone Ornament

This simple-to-do Easy Christmas Crafts Paper Doily Cone Ornament takes just a few minutes from start to finish.

This version (my favorite) used an 8-inch paper doily, green ribbon and corresponding green candies.

On the Easy Christmas Crafts Paper Doily Cone Ornament page we show the materials and tools (simple and inexpensive) along with the easy steps for making this pretty little ornament.

Our examples were made using 8-inch and 10-inch white paper doilies, but you could easily use gold and silver doilies and larger doilies as well. Smaller doilies do not work as well as the cones become too small to hold anything – though 6-inch could hold one or two candies.

Of course, this Easy Christmas Crafts Paper Doily Cone Ornament can also hold small gifts that can be hidden among the upper branches of the Christmas tree. They can also hold other types of gifts – promissory notes – which we discussed in yesterday’s post.

These pretty little paper doily cones could also be made to hold party favors for guests at a holiday party. A special tree for party favors could be set up for guests to select. Or, with the addition of a place card, the paper cone ornaments can be added to the place settings at a dinner party.

Remember, gifts and party favors do not need to be expensive to be meaningful.

Get creative and have fun!