A fun and easy Christmas Tree!

Take a look at our Easy Christmas Crafts Construction Paper Triangles Christmas Tree. It’s simple. It’s fun. It’s inespensive. And, it adds a bit of fun to the holiday!

Easy Christmas Crafts Construction Paper Triangles Christmas Tree hanging on a wall


Children can have fun making these simple trees and have even more fun coloring decorations on the tree.

The simple instructions, pattern and pictures showing the steps can be found on our Easy Christmas Crafts Construction Paper Triangles Christmas Tree page.

Have fun making these fun and funny little Christmas trees!


Icicle Ornament – Easy using Wired Ribbon

This simple icicle ornament using wired ribbon can be made quickly and easily. Actually, you can make one faster than you can read the instructions!

These sparkling ornaments use a short length of wired ribbon and another of thread to form the easy icicle ornament.

The ornaments are made so quickly, you can make many in a short amount of time.

Also, these icicle ornaments are an easy craft for senior citizens whose manual dexterity has deteriorated. They can make several to decorate their senior center Christmas tree.

On the opposite end of the youth scale, young children will have fun wrapping the wire to make the simple design.

In other words, this is a craft anyone can enjoy. The materials and tools are simple and inexpensive. And, the project will add sparkling highlights to a decorated Christmas tree. 

Several of these icicle ornaments can also add sparkle to a wrapped gift – as the ribbon decoration and as an extra little gift to the package.  

Enjoy making these wired ribbon icicle ornaments!