New! Spiral Wire Angel Ornament

Take a look at this Easy Angel Crafts Spiral Wire Angel Ornament:

Easy Angel Crafts Spiral Wire Angel Ornament finished and hanging on tree

Isn’t she pretty with her golden wings and curly golden hair?

She can also stand on a mantel, a table, a sideboard or hand on a door knob or in a window. In other words, she’s versatile and can add some whimsey where ever you want an angel to be.

The materials and instructions are easy. You can find them on our Easy Angel Crafts Spiral Wire Angel Ornament web page.

We outline all of the materials and how-to steps with accompanying pictures. We also suggest alternative wire if you cannot find the natural covered floral wire shown here.

The natural covered floral wire can be found in the floral area of craft stores. It’s inexpensive. One roll of the wire will make many of the Easy Angel Crafts Spiral Wire Angel Ornaments.

Several made of slightly different sizes and shapes of the spiral could decorate a tablescape for a dinner or stand among greenery above a fireplace.

The Easy Angel Crafts Spiral Wire Angel Ornament is fun, easy and inexpensive.




New – Spiral Beaded Christmas Ornament

This pretty little Easy Christmas Crafts – Spiral Beaded Christmas Ornament can be make quickly and easily using inexpensive beads, wire and ribbon.

Take a look at these four different ornaments hanging on a tree:

Four hanging Easy Christmas Crafts Spiral Beaded Christmas Ornaments

We like to purchase inexpensive beads found in quantity or by weight from discount or craft stores. Using a few zippered plastic bags, we separate the beads into colors and styles for future projects.

On our main Easy Christmas Crafts Spiral Beaded Christmas Ornament page, we show the materials and tools and each of the steps to make these pretty little ornaments.

In particular, we describe, and show with pictures, the steps while making this pretty ornament:

Each of these can be made quickly and easily.

These pretty little decorations can be added to the Christmas tree or as an additional little remembrance on the outer wrapping of gifts. They would also add sparkle to place settings at dinner parties and be a small gift for guests to take with them.

With the variety in beads – colors, sizes and shapes – along with the variety in ribbons, many of these Easy Christmas Crafts Spiral Beaded Christmas Ornaments can be made quickly and  uniquely.

Have fun!




Bell Ornament – Easy Christmas Craft

This easy Christmas crafts project is a simple and inexpensive bell ornament.

Here are two examples:

Of course, they would be much prettier hanging among other ornaments on a decorated Christmas tree! (By the way, the green floral wire hanger disappears among the green of the tree.)

But, you can get an idea of what they look like from this picture.

The Easy Christmas Crafts Bell Ornament is easy, takes very little time to make and uses inexpensive materials and tools.

Placed on a Christmas tree with other decorations, these small and shiny ornaments would add interest and a jingle or two if someone brushes against the tree.

And, if you have furry friends, some of these bell ornaments placed low on the tree would give them something to play with that is not breakable or costly.

This bell ornament offers fun for individuals, families and groups to make a few or many of the simple yet pretty decorations.

Children can do most of the steps with a little help with the wire depending on their age. Senior citizens can have fun making these as well. Depending on their manual dexterity, a slightly larger bell might be easier for them to thread onto the wire.

Plus, with the inexpensive materials, this project is ideal for school and church bazaars.

Visit our main web page for the list of materials and tools and the step by step instructions illustrated with pictures.

You will find the Easy Christmas Crafts Bell Ornament can be made almost as quickly as it takes to go through the instructions.


Icicle Ornament – Easy using Wired Ribbon

This simple icicle ornament using wired ribbon can be made quickly and easily. Actually, you can make one faster than you can read the instructions!

These sparkling ornaments use a short length of wired ribbon and another of thread to form the easy icicle ornament.

The ornaments are made so quickly, you can make many in a short amount of time.

Also, these icicle ornaments are an easy craft for senior citizens whose manual dexterity has deteriorated. They can make several to decorate their senior center Christmas tree.

On the opposite end of the youth scale, young children will have fun wrapping the wire to make the simple design.

In other words, this is a craft anyone can enjoy. The materials and tools are simple and inexpensive. And, the project will add sparkling highlights to a decorated Christmas tree. 

Several of these icicle ornaments can also add sparkle to a wrapped gift – as the ribbon decoration and as an extra little gift to the package.  

Enjoy making these wired ribbon icicle ornaments!

Today’s highlight: Wire Cross Angel Ornament

Just look at this cute wire cross angel ornament. It’s named a “wire cross” angel simply because the wire “crosses” to form the body and wings of the little angel.

The wire cross angel ornament uses very simple and inexpensive materials along with tools you have around your home. After you make the first one or two, the steps are so easy that you can make them faster than you can read the instructions!

Take a look at one of our examples of the wire cross angel ornament:

Easy Angel Crafts Wire Cross Angel Ornament finished and hanging on ornament hanger

It’s simple. It’s cute. You can make a lot of these wire cross angel ornaments quickly for a school or church bazaar.

Chenille wire is inexpensive and buttons and beads can be purchased cheaply in bulk.

In addition to using the angels on Christmas trees or as holiday decorations, you can add the cute little angels to packages as another little gift decorating the wrapping.

Make a few or many of the wire cross angel ornaments, but have fun!

NEW: Wire Angel

Simple, inexpensive and fast – you can make one wire angel or many wire angels for decorations, gifts or name cards at place settings.

Take a look on our web site for the directions and diagrams for this simple but pretty angel. Click on Wire Angel to see the details.

In the meantime, take a look:

Wire Angel hanging on tree

Here’s another, slightly smaller version:

Wire Angel - smaller - hanging on tree

With a few simple tools and inexpensive materials, these angels can quickly be formed.

The type and small amount of materials cost roughly $0.25 to $0.45 per angel. As for time, you can make the angel almost as quickly as you can read the instructions on our web page (Wire Angel).

Enjoy making one angel or many angels!