Fringed Felt Heart for Valentine’s or Another Day’s Decoration

Oh, what fun – an easy felt crafts fringed felt heart to make for Valentine’s Day, give to a friend or use as party decorations.

Take a look at the simple fringed felt heart that can remain simple or be embellished with whatever you have available!


Another slightly larger version celebrates Valentine’s Day with the addition of a cut-out portion of a child’s Valentine’s card.

The inexpensive materials and tools along with the simple steps to make this fun and easy crafts project can be found on our page: easy felt crafts fringed felt heart.

With some size increases, the project can easily be translated into a larger heart shape for a door-sized wreath.

Plus, this project is great for children to do after an adult helps with the first few steps. Actually, their smaller fingers are better at adding the felt strips to the wire!

Have fun making the easy felt crafts fringed felt heart and adding embellishments to make it uniquely yours!


A Paper Circles Ornament

This Easy Christmas Crafts Paper Circles Ornament can be made quickly, easily and inexpensively.

This example was made with decorative card stock, but the Easy Christmas Crafts Paper Circles Ornament would be just as pretty made with contruction paper or color tinted paper.

This pretty little ornament would also be a great project for children to color.

Our examples are simple and pretty, but the project lends itself to other embellishments such as beads and charms.

You can find the list of materials, tools and the detailed instructions on our main site: Easy Christmas Crafts Paper Circles Ornament. We provide step-by-step pictures to show how the ornament is made, too.

Be creative and have fun!


A fun and easy Christmas Tree!

Take a look at our Easy Christmas Crafts Construction Paper Triangles Christmas Tree. It’s simple. It’s fun. It’s inespensive. And, it adds a bit of fun to the holiday!

Easy Christmas Crafts Construction Paper Triangles Christmas Tree hanging on a wall


Children can have fun making these simple trees and have even more fun coloring decorations on the tree.

The simple instructions, pattern and pictures showing the steps can be found on our Easy Christmas Crafts Construction Paper Triangles Christmas Tree page.

Have fun making these fun and funny little Christmas trees!


Icicle Ornament – Easy using Wired Ribbon

This simple icicle ornament using wired ribbon can be made quickly and easily. Actually, you can make one faster than you can read the instructions!

These sparkling ornaments use a short length of wired ribbon and another of thread to form the easy icicle ornament.

The ornaments are made so quickly, you can make many in a short amount of time.

Also, these icicle ornaments are an easy craft for senior citizens whose manual dexterity has deteriorated. They can make several to decorate their senior center Christmas tree.

On the opposite end of the youth scale, young children will have fun wrapping the wire to make the simple design.

In other words, this is a craft anyone can enjoy. The materials and tools are simple and inexpensive. And, the project will add sparkling highlights to a decorated Christmas tree. 

Several of these icicle ornaments can also add sparkle to a wrapped gift – as the ribbon decoration and as an extra little gift to the package.  

Enjoy making these wired ribbon icicle ornaments!

Highlighting a New Paper Pinwheel Wreath Ornament

Today, we’re highlighting a paper pinwheel wreath ornament.

This new ornament uses a small piece of paper cut into circles and squares along with some string and glue. The paper pinwheel wreath ornament is both easy and inexpensive.

The variety for these simple paper ornaments is only limited by the paper you have available and your imagination!

Plus, if you want to make the wreath larger, the steps work just the same. Just make the circles with diameters twice that of the squares. These paper pinwheel wreath ornaments have circles with two-inch diameters and twelve squares of one-inch. For a four-inch diameter circle, make twelve two-inch squares for the design.

Visit the paper pinwheel wreath ornament page on our main web site for the list of materials and tools along with the illustrated step-by-step instructions.

Enjoy making these by yourself or with family and friends.

Have fun!

Simple and Elegant Ribbon Circles

Are you looking for a simple yet elegant decoration?

Take a look at these ribbon circles:

These ribbon circles ornaments are easy to make. You can make many of the ornaments in a short amount of time.

The project can be done by the young or the young at heart!

Visit our ribbon circles ornaments page to view the list of materials and tools and see the illustrated how-to-make steps for the pretty little ornaments.


A Fun Accordian Folded Paper Angel Ornament

Inexpensive and easy to do, you can make a few or a lot of these Accordian Folded Paper Angel Ornaments to decorate your home, add as decorations for pretty packages or sell at school or church bazaars.

Accordian Folded Paper Angel Ornament three finished and hanging on an ornament tree

You can find more pictures along with the list of materials and tools and the steps for how to make the Accordian Folded Paper Angel Ornament  on our main web site.

Easy and fast, children and adults alike can make these pretty little angels.

They can also be a fun project for young little ones to color before final construction.

Enjoy and have fun!

Paper Sphere Ornament

Today’s highlighted ornament requires simple materials and tools.

Take a look at this simple paper sphere ornament:

Christmas ornaments - paper sphere ornaments on an ornament tree

Some simple paper strips and a small length of ribbon along with a ruler and scissors are all you need to make these simple Christmas balls.

This also makes an interesting project for young children especially when they get to color the paper first.

Take a look at our Paper Sphere Ornament instructions with pictures and how-to-make steps.

Have fun!

Tooth Pillow – Mr. Smiley Tooth

The tooth pillow, soft and cuddly Mr. Smiley Tooth, helps young children with visits to the dentist. He also serves as a tooth fairy pillow with a pocket to hold the tooth and the treasures from the tooth fairy.

Take a look:


Mr. Smiley Tooth’s huge smile forms the pocket for a tooth that came out, for the gift from the tooth fairy or for other treasures important to children.


He’s soft and can easily be held by the child during a dental visit.

You can find the how-to-instructions, the materials and tools list and the pattern on our web site here:  Easy Felt Crafts Tooth Pillow.

Have fun making Mr. Smiley Tooth and giving him to the young children in your life.