How to repair buttons and jeans

Recently, I needed to repair a loose button and the pockets in a couple of jeans.

Since I had to do the repairs anyway, why not share the steps with others who can then make their clothing last longer.

So, today’s post introduces How to Sew on a Button and How to Repair a Jeans Pocket.

The tasks are not too ornery, but they do take a little time. The result, however, is increased life of the shirt and usable, perfectly good jeans.

Here are the problems.

First a button that’s almost loose enough to come off in the next laundry cycle:

a loose shirt button

After going through the easy but detailed steps for how to sew on a button, the results show:

the results of the how to sew on a button steps

Take a little time to go through the steps and the result will be better than new. Why better? Because you will attach the button more securely than a machine can.

The second repair took a little longer, but it, too, was easy.

Here’s one of the jeans pockets with a rather large hole:

jeans pocket with large hole

After working through the detailed and easy how to repair a jeans pocket steps, the resulting repair looks like this:

repaired jeans pocket

This view is from the inside of the pocket – where the personal treasures and the hand would go. The seams are finished such that neither the fingers nor the things in the pocket will catch on an unfinished seam.

Frequently, if someone uses their jeans pockets a lot, the pockets wear out much quicker than the jeans themselves.

These steps for how to repair a jeans pocket will keep your jeans useful and longer lasting.

Visit the funEZcrafts how-to section to learn how to sew on a button and how to repair a jeans pocket.

Have fun making your shirts, blouses and jeans last longer!




Handkerchief Valet

Take a look at this pretty valet tray made with a ladies’ handkerchief, a small piece of felt and ribbon.

Easy felt crafts handkerchief valet finished corner view

With simple materials and tools along with our easy instructions, you can make this pretty dresser tray for your daily jewelry or other treasures.

Easy felt crafts handkerchief valet finished top view with jewelry

Visit our main web page, funEZcraft’s Easy Felt Crafts – Handkerchief Valet, for the list of materials and how-to-make steps documented with pictures.

This lovely handkerchief valet makes a pretty addition to a dressing area. It also makes a beautiful keepsake gift for family members or friends.


Vendor note: This charming, handmade handkerchief was found at The Packrat’s Daughter at the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market in Cumming GA. They can be found in the back of Hall G the 3rd weekend of every month.

Easy Napkin Pillow

Take a look at this Easy Napkin Pillow project. You can make these with simple materials, tools and steps. Plus, they’re fast and fun!


The how-to steps along with the lists of materials and tools can be found on our web site by clicking here: Frugal Fun Crafts – Easy Napkin Pillow.

You can add a bit of softness to your decor, make them fast and inexpensively as gifts or make them to sell at craft fairs or church bazaars.

Have fun!

New Addition – Easy Canvas Shopping Bag

Have you joined the green movement? Or, perhaps you just don’t like to use all that plastic and paper for shopping bags. Not only do you have to do something with those bags when you get them home, but they also tend to break open at the worst possible moment.

The eggs break, the bread gets crushed and the heavy cans hit your toes when they fall through the broken bags.

Now, we show you how to make an easy and inexpensive easy canvas shopping bag that is both strong and long-lasting. Plus, it is washable time after time.

Even if you want to make just a couple, it still may be cheaper to purchase a canvas drop cloth from the painting supplies area of your favorite store. The canvas drop cloth comes in a variety of sizes and you can get a lot of material for much less than buying the canvas by the yard.

There may be imperfections in the drop cloth canvas; however those imperfections should add character to your bag.

Plus, when you make the bag yourself, you can determine the resulting size. Ours is deeper than those reusable bags you can find in stores for purchase. Also, the handles are longer such that you can carry the bag or put the handles on your shoulder.


Frugal, fun and easy!