Fringed Felt Heart for Valentine’s or Another Day’s Decoration

Oh, what fun – an easy felt crafts fringed felt heart to make for Valentine’s Day, give to a friend or use as party decorations.

Take a look at the simple fringed felt heart that can remain simple or be embellished with whatever you have available!


Another slightly larger version celebrates Valentine’s Day with the addition of a cut-out portion of a child’s Valentine’s card.

The inexpensive materials and tools along with the simple steps to make this fun and easy crafts project can be found on our page: easy felt crafts fringed felt heart.

With some size increases, the project can easily be translated into a larger heart shape for a door-sized wreath.

Plus, this project is great for children to do after an adult helps with the first few steps. Actually, their smaller fingers are better at adding the felt strips to the wire!

Have fun making the easy felt crafts fringed felt heart and adding embellishments to make it uniquely yours!


Another Highlight – Button Snowman Ornament

He (or she) may be made with buttons and felt, but the button snowman ornament is a no-sew project. Instead of needle and thread for the buttons, glue will hold the buttons to the felt.

Let’s look at four simple yet cute little snow persons!

Four Finished Button Snowman Ornaments

Each small ornament uses two small pieces of felt – one white and one complementing the button colors, three buttons and a short piece of yarn or thread.

Inexpensive craft felt can be found in 9 x 12-inch pieces. Inexpensive buttons can be found in mixed bags in the craft areas of stores or in flea markets.

The inexpensive materials and simple tools allow you to make several of these ornaments for very little cost.

Plus, these little ornaments are not just for the holidays. They can be a fun project for a snowy afternoon for children or the young at heart at a senior center.

They’re fun little button snowman ornaments to make.

Of course, if you prefer to sew, these little button snowman ornaments would be lovely with the buttons sewn on and the two pieces of felt held together with stitches around the edge.

Head over the the button snowman ornament page on the main website to find the simple pattern and the illustrated steps on how to make the button snowman.

Have fun!

Felt Circles Angel

This angel is simple, yet pretty, and is made using inexpensive materials, common tools and a little time.

Felt Circles Angel - finished and hanging on tree

This pretty angel easily hangs on a tree or sits on a table. It can also embellish a wrapped present and be an additional gift to the recipient.

Make one or many using the same or different colors.

You’ll find the instructions and the pattern on our web site by clicking here:  Felt Circles Angel.


Handkerchief Valet

Take a look at this pretty valet tray made with a ladies’ handkerchief, a small piece of felt and ribbon.

Easy felt crafts handkerchief valet finished corner view

With simple materials and tools along with our easy instructions, you can make this pretty dresser tray for your daily jewelry or other treasures.

Easy felt crafts handkerchief valet finished top view with jewelry

Visit our main web page, funEZcraft’s Easy Felt Crafts – Handkerchief Valet, for the list of materials and how-to-make steps documented with pictures.

This lovely handkerchief valet makes a pretty addition to a dressing area. It also makes a beautiful keepsake gift for family members or friends.


Vendor note: This charming, handmade handkerchief was found at The Packrat’s Daughter at the Lakewood 400 Antiques Market in Cumming GA. They can be found in the back of Hall G the 3rd weekend of every month.

Tooth Pillow – Mr. Smiley Tooth

The tooth pillow, soft and cuddly Mr. Smiley Tooth, helps young children with visits to the dentist. He also serves as a tooth fairy pillow with a pocket to hold the tooth and the treasures from the tooth fairy.

Take a look:


Mr. Smiley Tooth’s huge smile forms the pocket for a tooth that came out, for the gift from the tooth fairy or for other treasures important to children.


He’s soft and can easily be held by the child during a dental visit.

You can find the how-to-instructions, the materials and tools list and the pattern on our web site here:  Easy Felt Crafts Tooth Pillow.

Have fun making Mr. Smiley Tooth and giving him to the young children in your life.

Doily Sachet Ornament

Take a look at this pretty ornament that is also a sachet for holding your choice of scent – spices for the holidays or a fresh scent for your home. You can also use this pretty sachet year round in a closet or a drawer with your favorite scent inside the sachet.

The first one shows white doilies trimmed with green ribbon. The scent pouch made of green felt can be seen through the doily.


The next one shows tone on tone colors of beige. This one is reminiscent of an elegant Victorian decoration.


These pretty and easy Christmas ornaments are small (three inches in diameter), simple to make and inexpensive too. They take little time allowing you to make several for gifts, to hang on your own tree or as year long useful sachets.

You can find the instructions here: Easy Felt Crafts: Doily Sachet

Pretty in Pink, Purple Passion and Black Elegance

Here are some more fun examples of the Easy Christmas Crafts – Beaded Christmas Wreath and Easy Felt Crafts – Keepsake Gift Bag.

Pretty in Pink, Purple Passion and Black Elegance will travel across the pond (otherwise known as the Atlantic ocean) to Scotland.

Pretty in Pink goes to a pretty little girl who loves pink and who loves to dance.


Here’s the matching pink keepsake bag.


Her mom loves the color purple, thus Purple Passion for her.


Here the ornaments are ready to go in the matching keepsake bag:


Her dad likes black – what better than Black Elegance?


The black keepsake gift bag holds the elegant beaded Christmas wreaths.


With a variety, many combinations of the beads can be made into wreaths from fun and whimsical to pretty and elegant. Plus, you can match the keepsake bags to the colors in the wreaths. But, if you want, you can contrast the colors or use holiday red, green, gold, blue and silver colors.

Holiday Red

It’s the middle of November and time to start making gifts for family and friends.

Take a look at these beaded Christmas wreaths in holiday red.


These beaded Christmas wreath ornaments use the same methods as found in our Easy Christmas Crafts – Beaded Christmas Wreath examples. But, for variety, we used different types of beads. The beads came in a bulk container – 1000s – with a mix of colors, sizes and shapes.

Six wreaths easily fit within the Easy Felt Crafts – Keepsake Gift Bag. Green yarn holds the sides together with the blanket stitch. For the drawstring, both green and red yarns – three of each color – make the braid.


This gift journeys to a distant city via a delivery service. Since it will be in a box, why not send the accompanying Christmas card as an Easy Christmas Crafts – Five Point Star?

Take a look:


What fun…six ornaments as gifts, a keepsake bag to keep them from year to year and a Christmas card that is also a five point star ornament.

All of these are fun and easy crafts. Take a look at the steps for each of them.

Keepsake Gift Bag

Another new addition today…we’ve added an Easy Felt Crafts – Keepsake Gift Bag. The bag can do dual duty as a gift bag and as a storage bag.  The bag is just the right size to hold the Easy Christmas Crafts – Beaded Christmas Wreath ornaments.

This simple and fun bag easily holds six of the small beaded wreaths. Your friends and family can receive a nice number of ornaments and have a pretty storage bag to keep them in from year to year.

Or, the keepsake gift bag can hold Christmas candies or other small goodies – maybe some jewelry. It can also hold cinnamon and cloves to be hung on the tree for a nice holiday smell.

Plus, you can use this as a potpourri or sachet bag all year round.

Have fun!

Easy Felt Crafts – Wine Gift Bag

The holidays arrive soon. If you give hostess gifts, perhaps a bottle of wine is on your list.

We just added a simple yet pretty wine gift bag to our Easy Felt Crafts.

Quite a few of us do not like to drink wine, however we do enjoy cooking with wine. The sauces taste great and not anything like the wine itself. In these days when we need to be more economical, perhaps your hostess gift can be a good cooking wine, not necessarily a wine connoisseur’s drinking wine.

The bottle used in our example is a nice marsala that makes a great sauce for either beef or chicken.

Here’s a recipe that we enjoy. Try it. If you like it, the recipe can be part of your hostess gift – a nice but not expensive bottle of Marsala wine in a pretty wine gift bag with the addition of a easy but good recipe – compliments of funEZcrafts!

funEZcrafts’ Beef or Chicken in Marsala Wine Sauce

Shopping list:
>>Beef chunks (not stew beef – too gristly and tough – chuck is good) or two or three chicken breast halves
>>Marsala wine
>>Extra virgin olive oil
>>Package of baby bella mushroom slices (can leave this out if you don’t like mushrooms)
>>Heavy whipping cream (small container is fine)
>>Dried, minced onion
Cut the meat into one inch cubes
Put a large, non-stick skillet on the stove on medium-high heat
Put two tablespoons of butter and one tablespoon of olive oil in the skillet
Put the meat into the skillet, spreading it across the bottom of the pan for even cooking
Let the meat cook for 3-5 minutes, stirring it a couple of times
If the pan is dry, add another tablespoon of butter and another tablespoon of olive oil
Add the mushrooms to the pan with the meat
Add a teaspoon of the dry, minced onion
Sprinkle salt and pepper over the mixture (a half teaspoon of salt and a quarter teaspoon of pepper)
Stir the mixture, allowing the mushrooms to absorb the butter and oil
Add one half cup of Marsala wine to the pan, stir briefly
Allow the wine to reduce by half (monitor your heat, you want the wine to bubble and evaporate but you don’t want the contents of the pan to burn)
Add one third cup of the heavy whipping cream, stir briefly to mix
Allow the liquid to reduce again (you’re looking for a thick sauce, almost as thick as gravy but not quite)
Remove from heat and place in serving dish.
Serves 4 to 6 people.
This is an easy week night recipe.