Fringed Felt Heart for Valentine’s or Another Day’s Decoration

Oh, what fun – an easy felt crafts fringed felt heart to make for Valentine’s Day, give to a friend or use as party decorations.

Take a look at the simple fringed felt heart that can remain simple or be embellished with whatever you have available!


Another slightly larger version celebrates Valentine’s Day with the addition of a cut-out portion of a child’s Valentine’s card.

The inexpensive materials and tools along with the simple steps to make this fun and easy crafts project can be found on our page: easy felt crafts fringed felt heart.

With some size increases, the project can easily be translated into a larger heart shape for a door-sized wreath.

Plus, this project is great for children to do after an adult helps with the first few steps. Actually, their smaller fingers are better at adding the felt strips to the wire!

Have fun making the easy felt crafts fringed felt heart and adding embellishments to make it uniquely yours!


A New Paper Star Angel Ornament

This paper star angel is simple to do. It’s made even more simple if you print the patterns onto the paper you want to use for the angel.

Three Finished Paper Star Angel Hanging Ornaments

These pretty little paper star angels use five different sizes of a rounded five point star pattern to form the body and the robe of the angel.

The paper star angel ornament requires only basic tools along with the paper, doll head and ribbon.

Head on over to the paper star angel ornament page to find the list of materials and tools, the illustrated step-by-step instructions and the patterns to print and cut-out.

The angels can be made quickly and easily and provide inexpensive fun for children of all ages.


Today’s highlight: Wire Cross Angel Ornament

Just look at this cute wire cross angel ornament. It’s named a “wire cross” angel simply because the wire “crosses” to form the body and wings of the little angel.

The wire cross angel ornament uses very simple and inexpensive materials along with tools you have around your home. After you make the first one or two, the steps are so easy that you can make them faster than you can read the instructions!

Take a look at one of our examples of the wire cross angel ornament:

Easy Angel Crafts Wire Cross Angel Ornament finished and hanging on ornament hanger

It’s simple. It’s cute. You can make a lot of these wire cross angel ornaments quickly for a school or church bazaar.

Chenille wire is inexpensive and buttons and beads can be purchased cheaply in bulk.

In addition to using the angels on Christmas trees or as holiday decorations, you can add the cute little angels to packages as another little gift decorating the wrapping.

Make a few or many of the wire cross angel ornaments, but have fun!

Clothespin Angel

Hello again, it’s been a while. I’ve been off on another project that took lots more time than I expected. But, I’m ready to start adding more easy and inexpensive craft projects to

Here’s a recent addition that’s simple, fast and cheap – a clothespin angel.

Clothespin angel ornaments - three finished hanging on a Christmas Tree

A little bit of ribbon or lace, a clothespin (real or craft) and a chenille wire makes a pretty little angel to hang on your Christmas tree or decorate your home for other holidays.

They also make easy decorations to add on gifts instead of or in addition to ribbons and bows. The little clothespin angel would be an additional keepsake with your gift.

These pretty angels can add beauty and maybe a little whimsy all year – not just at the holidays.

Head on over to the Clothespin Angel page for the materials list and the how-to steps with accompanying pictures.

Angels, Angels Everywhere!

Hello everyone. Other projects took priority over adding new fun and easy crafts to

But, we’ve just added several new projects appropriate for the holidays or for anytime throughout the year.

Take a look at the multitude of angels:

First in the list are the varieties of the yarn angel:

Three Yarn Angels

Second is the Doily Angel:

Doily Angel hanging on tree

Next, is the Handkerchief Angel:

Purple Handkerchief Angel hanging on tree

How about an Angel Gift Bag:

Angel Gift Bag hanging on tree

Here’s a Quilter’s Angel (though anyone can make this pretty angel):

Quilters Angel hanging on tree

One more, but this is a set of three angels for the Angel Trio:

Angel Trio hanging on tree

Each of these angels can be made with simple materials and tools and only take a small amount of time.

You can find links to all of these angels on our Easy Angel Crafts page.

Have fun making these angels to decorate your home, give as gifts or as group projects for children or adults to do.

New Addition – Jingle Bell Wreath

This simple and easy project takes very few materials and tools to make a pretty and cheerful jingle bell wreath ornament.

Take a look at these versions:


Here’s another version using silver bells with blue and silver ribbon.


Another gold version uses red and gold ribbon.


These fun and easy ornaments take very little time and very little expense to make. Enjoy making them as a family project to add to your tree, to trim your home or to give as gifts.

The instructions can be found at funEZcrafts’ Jingle Bell Wreath page.

Snow Angel

Here’s a snow angel that won’t melt, won’t get your behind wet and won’t get snow down your neck.

This fun and easy Christmas crafts snow angel ornament  requires two simple materials and just minutes of your time to make.


With small variations on the bends in the wires, you can vary the shapes of your snow angels. Here are two different angels side-by-side:


Take a look at the second angel hanging on the tree:


You can find the detailed how-to instructions along with pictures on our funEZcraft’s snow angel page.

Have fun!

Tiny Dancer

We’ve added a new and very easy ornament to our Easy Christmas Crafts section.

She (or he) is a tiny dancer made of chenille wire. The girls need two twelve inch wires and the boys need one and a half wires.

They’re fun, easy and inexpensive to make. They can be a fast project for one, or they can be a group project to make several.

From children to seniors, the tiny dancers are easy and fun.

Here’s the pretty in pink and the cool blue dancers:



You can find the Tiny Dancer instructions along with a fun YouTube video of a young Elton John singing Tiny Dancer on our web site: funEZcraft’s Tiny Dancer

Have fun making these quick and easy dancers!