Simple and Elegant Ribbon Circles

Are you looking for a simple yet elegant decoration?

Take a look at these ribbon circles:

These ribbon circles ornaments are easy to make. You can make many of the ornaments in a short amount of time.

The project can be done by the young or the young at heart!

Visit our ribbon circles ornaments page to view the list of materials and tools and see the illustrated how-to-make steps for the pretty little ornaments.


A New Paper Star Angel Ornament

This paper star angel is simple to do. It’s made even more simple if you print the patterns onto the paper you want to use for the angel.

Three Finished Paper Star Angel Hanging Ornaments

These pretty little paper star angels use five different sizes of a rounded five point star pattern to form the body and the robe of the angel.

The paper star angel ornament requires only basic tools along with the paper, doll head and ribbon.

Head on over to the paper star angel ornament page to find the list of materials and tools, the illustrated step-by-step instructions and the patterns to print and cut-out.

The angels can be made quickly and easily and provide inexpensive fun for children of all ages.


Today’s highlight: Wire Cross Angel Ornament

Just look at this cute wire cross angel ornament. It’s named a “wire cross” angel simply because the wire “crosses” to form the body and wings of the little angel.

The wire cross angel ornament uses very simple and inexpensive materials along with tools you have around your home. After you make the first one or two, the steps are so easy that you can make them faster than you can read the instructions!

Take a look at one of our examples of the wire cross angel ornament:

Easy Angel Crafts Wire Cross Angel Ornament finished and hanging on ornament hanger

It’s simple. It’s cute. You can make a lot of these wire cross angel ornaments quickly for a school or church bazaar.

Chenille wire is inexpensive and buttons and beads can be purchased cheaply in bulk.

In addition to using the angels on Christmas trees or as holiday decorations, you can add the cute little angels to packages as another little gift decorating the wrapping.

Make a few or many of the wire cross angel ornaments, but have fun!

Paper Sphere Ornament

Today’s highlighted ornament requires simple materials and tools.

Take a look at this simple paper sphere ornament:

Christmas ornaments - paper sphere ornaments on an ornament tree

Some simple paper strips and a small length of ribbon along with a ruler and scissors are all you need to make these simple Christmas balls.

This also makes an interesting project for young children especially when they get to color the paper first.

Take a look at our Paper Sphere Ornament instructions with pictures and how-to-make steps.

Have fun!

Clothespin Angel

Hello again, it’s been a while. I’ve been off on another project that took lots more time than I expected. But, I’m ready to start adding more easy and inexpensive craft projects to

Here’s a recent addition that’s simple, fast and cheap – a clothespin angel.

Clothespin angel ornaments - three finished hanging on a Christmas Tree

A little bit of ribbon or lace, a clothespin (real or craft) and a chenille wire makes a pretty little angel to hang on your Christmas tree or decorate your home for other holidays.

They also make easy decorations to add on gifts instead of or in addition to ribbons and bows. The little clothespin angel would be an additional keepsake with your gift.

These pretty angels can add beauty and maybe a little whimsy all year – not just at the holidays.

Head on over to the Clothespin Angel page for the materials list and the how-to steps with accompanying pictures.

NEW: Wire Angel

Simple, inexpensive and fast – you can make one wire angel or many wire angels for decorations, gifts or name cards at place settings.

Take a look on our web site for the directions and diagrams for this simple but pretty angel. Click on Wire Angel to see the details.

In the meantime, take a look:

Wire Angel hanging on tree

Here’s another, slightly smaller version:

Wire Angel - smaller - hanging on tree

With a few simple tools and inexpensive materials, these angels can quickly be formed.

The type and small amount of materials cost roughly $0.25 to $0.45 per angel. As for time, you can make the angel almost as quickly as you can read the instructions on our web page (Wire Angel).

Enjoy making one angel or many angels!